Best FPS Games – Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay by ANPA.US

Shadow Warrior was a fun action game that had a very satisfying melee, a wild story and a whole bunch of execution techniques. Shadow Warrior 2 is basically taking the previous experience to the next level, all while providing gamers with interesting, action packed gaming moments that are a delight to enjoy!
The story is set at around 5 years after the first game and you still play the role of LO Wang, this time you will need to eliminate Zilla which send demons from another dimension. Just like last time, the action is over the top and the game does a very good job at not taking itself too seriously. That’s what makes is so much fun though, the fact that it does maintain a good focus on its target without having to worry about any issues.
Maybe the true start of the new game is definitely 4-player cooperative gameplay. This is a whole lot of fun and while game is still suitable for singleplayer, this just takes things to a new perspective!
The level design is more open when compared to the previous entry in the series. Don’t be fooled though, there are plenty of linear locations here, they are very well hidden though and it will be hard for you to spot them right from the start. But they are there and you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding them.
They did add a new traversal mechanic which helps you climb walls and explore new locations without a problem. Plus, there aren’t so many restrictions when compared to last time, not to mention that you can revisit the levels you just played if you want access to more resources. Another thing to note is that the game does have an upgrade hub and the upgrades are a delight to acquire all the time. It’s important to note that the game does a very good job at maintaining everything distinct and fun. It will not be easy to handle all 70+ weapons properly, but the more you level up the more fun the game becomes. It’s a delight for sure and one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences in recent years.
Graphics are updated as well and they look very well. The enemy design is spectacular and bosses in particular are quite impressive. When it comes to actually beating the bosses, you might find the experience a little repetitive as you need to find various patterns. It’s still something fun and enjoyable, you just need to find the right approach.
Shadow Warrior 2 is a delight to play and it’s filled with jokes, references and gore. It’s a very good game that shows you don’t have to take yourself too seriously in order to create a fun experience. Shadow Warrior 2 is funny, it has a stellar gameplay and the entire gaming experience is up to par even with the latest AAA releases. It’s inexpensive and you do get your money’s worth!

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