Most Probably The Best First Person Shooters on PC

First Person Shooters are by far some of the most popular gaming genre. The reason is simple, they are easy to pick up, you can quit at any time and they don’t require that much strategic thinking. They are accessible and just a whole lot of fun. But you do have to wonder, what FPS games are the best on PC and which ones you should play right now?

Doom (2016)

The new iteration of Doom is exactly what people expected! It features a lot of gore, demon punching action and plenty of weapons including the BFG. The gameplay is intense and many times hardcore, not to mention that you can even reach hell. Doom also has a multiplayer mode which helps expand the experience quite a bit.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is amazing for people that have low end computers and want to play a competitive FPS. It’s a lot of fun and while you can encounter hackers at times, the game is filled with maps, challenges and new operations that keep the experience fresh.


Despite the fact that it’s multiplayer only, Overwatch has managed to acquire millions of fans very fast. The blend of MOBA and FPS works great here and the game does a very good job at offering 20+ distinct characters and a very good competitive mode.

Battlefield (any of them)

There are more than 10 games in the Battlefield series and DICE continues to create even more, with Battlefield 1 being the latest iteration. Battlefield 4 or any other game in the series tries to mimic all out warfare and it does add a massive touch of realism. The time periods are diverse but the game always tries to be accurate in everything it delivers. The fact that you can have 64-player fights on large maps does make the game intense and unique which is why you should consider checking it out!

Left 4 Dead 2

The cooperative zombie shooter is a lot of fun mainly thanks to the multiplayer component. The title does have tons of maps, challenges and unique weapons that make shooting zombies satisfying and a huge blast. Overall, it’s a really diverse and fun game that you should check out right away!

Call of Duty

Even if some of the latest iterations in the series might not be well received by the users due to the way this series was annualized, COD is still an iconic series. It’s filled with unique challenges, it’s rewarding and it helps provide a very good value for FPS players.

Far Cry Primal

The open world aspect combined with a unique prehistorical setting makes Far Cry Primal an amazing game. Plus, you have the ability to train animals and acquire new skills in a world that is very intense and set on the idea to put you down!

All these FPS games are great and you should consider checking them out. One thing is certain, even if playing an FPS requires dexterity and accuracy, you still get to relax and have fun as you play. Give the aforementioned games a try as you are bound to like their unique gameplay, great shooting and fun gameplay!

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