Most Anticipated Games – Titanfall 2 – worth to wait

Is Titanfall 2 one of the most anticipated games?

Titanfall was a game that started to revolutionize the FPS genre thanks to its unique movement system and the introduction of titans. This time around, you get even more titan types, 6 of them actually as well as larger maps and a singleplayer campaign.
This was a very important problem of the previous game, but thankfully Titanfall 2 manages to eliminate that. This time around you also get some interesting things such as grappling hooks as well as a sliding mechanic and a new pulse blade. This one is actually a throwing knife that will show the location of enemies nearby. If that’s not enough, you can also use a holographic pilot that allows you to confuse enemies.
Just like the first game, you have a progression system that will give you access to more items and tools that you can use. There are more customization options and weapons in this new version, which does provide you with an even better way to show your might on the field of battle.
A thing to note is that Titanfall 2 will automatically shift to third person if you execute an enemy, in order to show a cutscene. It’s really hard to know at this point if it will be included in the multiplayer, but hopefully that’s not the case as it would hamper the gameplay quite a bit.
As you play you get points and when you have enough points you can summon the titan. The titans in this game are Scorch, Ion, Legiojn, Ronin, Tone and Northstar. Each one has a different ability that you can enjoy and it does bring in plenty of fun. The customization options are similar if you compare it to the Street Fighter franchise as the titan abilities can’t be customized that much however you do have extensive customization when it comes to the overall appearance of the titan unit. The AI enemies will be within the game as well, so you can expect to have amazing, large battlefields all the time.

Of course, the main change from Titanfall is the singleplayer campaign. The first one lacked a campaign and it did receive quite a bit of criticism for that, however the new game does have one and it seems to bring in front an interesting, exciting appeal that you do not want to miss. Players can communicate and even talk with the titan during the campaign which is something new in regards to the game experience.

As a whole, Titanfall 2 is very promising, one of the most anticipated games and if the first game is any indication, people are going to have a lot of fun with it. If you are a fan of the first title or you just want a very refined, exciting FPS game with nice replayability, this might be right up your alley. Just check it out and you are bound to enjoy the way it plays quite a bit.

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