Lets play games after 15 years of purification

I’ll be honest with you, I stopped playing games in the year 2001 and my last real gameplay was with Quake, Counter Strike and Doom.

I abandoned gaming for the last 15 years. Even though I was working on my games for the last 2 years, I hardly played any other game besides the ones I made myself.

If you played Dinosaur Hunt or Survival Zombies, this isn’t much of a surprise, isn’t it? LOL.

But this is about to change, I am going to start my gaming adventure again and share my experience with you.

So 15 years is a long time and lots of games. This could be some crazy stuff to play some 2016 games with CS being my last experience.

Most probably this will feel like entering a time machine, like Back to The Future 2?

I am really excited and expect I at least to sweat my pants.

Well, to be honest, I am scared as hell, really, if I go with some really brand new title, is it going to blow out my mind and you’ll find me running the streets shouting out some madness?

so What should be my first pick to play?

Well – I leave you hanging – I am going to post a video soon with my feelings about playing the game after 15 years of pure non-gaming life. Man, this sounds awesome.

As I am really really out of date what are the cool games now, I would ask you a favor, put your picks in the comment section, what should I play next. Thanks.

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