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Dino D-Day is a multiplayer FPS game created by Digital Ranch and 800 North. What makes it distinct is its unique story, in which Hitler decided to resurrect dinosaurs in order to use them during WWII. The premise is as exciting as the gameplay because you can easily become a dinosaur in the game and eliminate players as you see fit.

Even if the game is created with the Source engine and doesn’t have the best graphics on the market, it still shines in front of other titles released around that time (2011). When you play you have to choose between the Axis and the Allied nations. The allied nations have heavy support, medics and assault troops. On the other hand, the axis have 3 human classes and 3 different dinosaurs. Basically they have medics, snipers and assault troops as well as Desmatosuchus, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus and many others. The latter one is actually a dino with a cannon placed on its back.

The game did receive more classes and now you can find 9 axis classes and 7 allied classes. The interesting thing about Dino D-Day is that the game modes do have quite a lot of variety and you can use the dinos in some creative ways. You can also find kamikaze dinosaurs and a wide variety of interesting options that spruce up the experience.

The gameplay on its own is very easy to understand, not to mention there’s a lot of excitement to be had as you play. The experience is designed around TDM however you can also play king of the hill and objective modes. All of these modes add up in order to offer a unique, creative approach that you will appreciate quite a lot.

The gun play is very good in the game, although when it comes to being a dinosaur things are not as good. Usually the dinos are hard to control and that does make the experience less fun at times. I found this to offer some much needed balance to the game, otherwise dinos would be unstoppable.

Matches can be very long depending on how skilled the players are, of course. Dino D-Day was released 5 years ago yet it still has a loyal player base, albeit a very small one. Still, this does show that the gameplay is good enough to last for such a long time to begin with.

Graphically Dino D-Day is a little dated but as a whole you will still be able to have fun as you play and that’s the most important thing. As for the soundtrack, the nazi songs are seamlessly combined with some WWII war songs that do offer an interesting gameplay here.

Should you play Dino D-Day? If you want to play a dinosaur game in multiplayer, this one is the best bet. Yes, it’s not exactly the most populated title out there but you can easily play it with friends and you can even engage random people in battle. Overall, it’s a recommended game and a fun one to have around when you get bored!

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