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Layers of Fear - Best Horror Games - Quick Glance

Layers of Fear is a new psychological horror game where you have to play the role of a psychologically disturbed player. Here you will need to complete your magnus opus and in order to do that you will need to find various secrets about your character. You will explore a Victorian mansion that is filled with dangers, horrific situations, exploration and puzzle solving mechanics.

The main goal in the game, at least at the start, is to complete your masterpiece. There are lots of puzzles included in the game and they are basically visual clues that will bring you one step forward to your goal. There are 6 chapters in the game and you will find a wide variety of items here, items that are needed in order to complete the world.

The game is dimmed and the objects you can find in the game will offer you a great insight into the life of the painter which makes the experience fun and exciting. As you complete the painting you will find out more about the origin of this masterpiece and you will also better understand the secret of the painter.

When it comes to playing Layers of Fear, you will experience quite a lot of jumpscares. These do show how intense and fun the game really gets to be. You will have lots of puzzles to complete and many of them will have a very disturbing outcome.

The level design is very good in this game and it’s actually one of the standout features here. The graphics are crisp and they do deliver some identity and fun to the game as well. You will also have to note the fact that this game does have a very good use of music and sounds which do influence the gameplay quite a bit. The game is strange and trippy but in a positive manner. You always want to see what’s beyond the next door and that’s something that delivers a very good value.

While the story can be muddled at times, the main downside is that the game is very short when compared to other horror games. Still, the length doesn’t really matter that much in the end if the experience is good and Layers of Fear does a very good job at making everything distinct and fun here. The gameplay is very immersive and exciting, not to mention that most of the time you will be very impressed with the uniqueness of this entire world.

Should you play Layers of Fear? If you are a person that enjoys horror games this one should be right up your alley. It’s not hard to get into and while it can be scary, it’s a nice experience for people that enjoy great gaming moments. It’s a spectacular experience so if you do enjoy a high standard set of gameplay options you will be more than impressed here. Overall, Layers of Fear is considered to be a masterpiece of the horror genre for 2016, so you should consider giving it a shot!

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