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There are many indie games out there that get overlooked due to the huge amount of titles that get released each day. Some of them are one man projects, others are indie studios that do their games without a lot of funding. Hard Reset Redux is a title that manages to stand out due to the great production value and the fact that it’s a visual boost for the original title, something that’s really impressive and interesting right from the start.What is Hard Reset Redux? At its core, this is a shooter but it also has some great action and adventure elements. There are a few puzzles here and there that you need to focus on doing but overall the game is pretty much straight on in terms of the gameplay and what you need to do.

A thing to note about Hard Reset Redux is that this game is very focused on delivering an action packed gameplay. It has a very distinct approach and the cyberpunk setting does make the entire experience even more interesting to begin with.

The gun play in this game is very good and distinct, something does that entice you to play the game more and more. People that loved the original will have a blast with the Redux version because there are some new moves, the gameplay has a better pacing and even the performance is a little better as well.

The weapons for this game are varied and they do stay true to the steampunk nature of the game. That alone manages to bring in front a very good value and it does show the unique touch offered by the game towards the industry.

The title is action packed and you will always be able to have something good to do here. If you are a person that loves the idea of using stealth, Hard Reset Redux can be a good option too although most of the time this might not be the most suitable option to begin with. It’s safe to say that the game does manage to provide you with some good value and, as a whole, it does tend to deliver on its promise quite a bit.

It’s important to note that the game isn’t tough. Even if you aren’t that familiar with shooters, this game is beginner friendly and it will hold your hand many times. There are multiple difficulty levels based on each person’s expertise so if you do tend to be better than others at this type of game you might find Hard Reset Redux to be an extraordinary and really fun experience!

From beginning and up until the very end, Hard Reset Redux is an extraordinary, enhanced and fun FPS experience. It’s very good, filled with some great moments and thoroughly enjoyable. People that love first person shooters will have a blast with this game, so we do recommend you to check it out as fast as possible. Even if you are an FPS newcomer, this is a game that does have a great tutorial and the gun play is perfect. Overall, it’s a recommended option especially since it’s inexpensive as well!

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