3 most anticipated horror games

3 most anticipated horror games to be released

It is Halloween that is round the corner, so it is the best time to take a look at most promising horror games to come in near future!  

There are lots of cool games already on the market, but if you love the horror genre you should know that there are more amazing horror titles on the way. In fact, some of them are set to be released in just a few months, so you should definitely keep an eye out for those. But what horror games stand out here and what titles should you keep an eye out for at this time? Here are some of the coolest horror games that will appear soon.

Friday the 13th

There’s no denying that Jason is a staple of the horror genre, so having games which include him is a whole lot of fun. We do hope that we will have even more games like this coming in the future, so you should consider checking this game out as fast as possible it really is very well worth it. Jason’s game is multiplayer based and it does bring in some interesting experiences to the table. in fact, the game is set to bring in some action packed moments and numerous interesting set pieces for sure.

It’s similar to the Dead by Daylight game that’s already on the market, but the twist is that you get to play as one of the major killers out there, so it will be very interesting to experience this game for sure.

Outlast II

Outlast was a great hit and they do want to create a sequel to it. We don’t really know if it will have a lot of jumpscares like the first one, but the game did make you go at the edge of your seat, so you can expect, some pretty challenging gaming moments to be had in this experience. It seems that this particular time we will have a new horror setting, similar to the first season of True Detective. How that will impact the gameplay remains to be seen but hopefully the game will be able to live up to the predecessor.

System Shock 3

Although this game is pretty far off, the development on it has begun and we might even be able to see at the end of 2017, maybe faster who knows. Since the System Shock is dear to many people’s hearts, it’s easy to understand why many would be very interested in playing a new iteration. There are no details about the game other than concept art, but we can expect the game to sell very well regardless, all thanks to the great legacy of the System Shock and BioShock series.

You should consider keeping an eye on all of these great games as they are definitely very promising. Check them out soon upon their release and prepare for some spooky, scary yet fun moments in the long run. These are bound to offer you an incredible gameplay experience and some really nice times as you play, so give them a try upon their release.

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