ANPA.US plays Hard Reset – Completely Unprofessional Gameplay Review

There are many indie games out there that get overlooked due to the huge amount of titles that get released each day. Some of them are one man projects, others are indie studios that do their games without a lot of funding. Hard Reset Redux is a title that manages to stand out due to the great production value and the fact that it’s a visual boost for the original title, something that’s really impressive and interesting right from the start.What is Hard Reset Redux? At its core, this is a shooter but it also has some great action and adventure elements. There are a few puzzles here and there that you need to focus on doing but overall the game is pretty much straight on in terms of the gameplay and what you need to do.

A thing to note about Hard Reset Redux is that this game is very focused on delivering an action packed gameplay. It has a very distinct approach and the cyberpunk setting does make the entire experience even more interesting to begin with.

The gun play in this game is very good and distinct, something does that entice you to play the game more and more. People that loved the original will have a blast with the Redux version because there are some new moves, the gameplay has a better pacing and even the performance is a little better as well.

The weapons for this game are varied and they do stay true to the steampunk nature of the game. That alone manages to bring in front a very good value and it does show the unique touch offered by the game towards the industry.

The title is action packed and you will always be able to have something good to do here. If you are a person that loves the idea of using stealth, Hard Reset Redux can be a good option too although most of the time this might not be the most suitable option to begin with. It’s safe to say that the game does manage to provide you with some good value and, as a whole, it does tend to deliver on its promise quite a bit.

It’s important to note that the game isn’t tough. Even if you aren’t that familiar with shooters, this game is beginner friendly and it will hold your hand many times. There are multiple difficulty levels based on each person’s expertise so if you do tend to be better than others at this type of game you might find Hard Reset Redux to be an extraordinary and really fun experience!

From beginning and up until the very end, Hard Reset Redux is an extraordinary, enhanced and fun FPS experience. It’s very good, filled with some great moments and thoroughly enjoyable. People that love first person shooters will have a blast with this game, so we do recommend you to check it out as fast as possible. Even if you are an FPS newcomer, this is a game that does have a great tutorial and the gun play is perfect. Overall, it’s a recommended option especially since it’s inexpensive as well!

Lets play games after 15 years of purification

Dinosaur Forest

I’ll be honest with you, I stopped playing games in the year 2001 and my last real gameplay was with Quake, Counter Strike and Doom.

I abandoned gaming for the last 15 years. Even though I was working on my games for the last 2 years, I hardly played any other game besides the ones I made myself.

If you played Dinosaur Hunt or Survival Zombies, this isn’t much of a surprise, isn’t it? LOL.

But this is about to change, I am going to start my gaming adventure again and share my experience with you.

So 15 years is a long time and lots of games. This could be some crazy stuff to play some 2016 games with CS being my last experience.

Most probably this will feel like entering a time machine, like Back to The Future 2?

I am really excited and expect I at least to sweat my pants.

Well, to be honest, I am scared as hell, really, if I go with some really brand new title, is it going to blow out my mind and you’ll find me running the streets shouting out some madness?

so What should be my first pick to play?

Well – I leave you hanging – I am going to post a video soon with my feelings about playing the game after 15 years of pure non-gaming life. Man, this sounds awesome.

As I am really really out of date what are the cool games now, I would ask you a favor, put your picks in the comment section, what should I play next. Thanks.

Best Horror Games to check out right now!

Autumn Gaming

Since autumn is here, it’s always a good idea to chill out and play some games. But what should you play during the long autumn evenings? Horror games, of course. Because of that, we wanted to create a list with some of the coolest horror games that will make your autumn evenings memorable and a whole lot of fun!


SOMA is an amazing game and it does have a very good story. It has more of a psychological twist instead of relying on jumpscares but it’s really good and one of the games that you should play this autumn for sure.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

It might be an older game, but Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is indeed offering the novella appeal all while bringing in a good set of scares. It’s also offering a good lore from the Ctulhu mythos which is great!

Dead Space series

It’s hard to pick a specific game from this series. All of them are connected and they are a lot of fun even if they are very scary at times. You should play all 3 of them in their natural release order. Rest assured that there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

Alan Wake

This is another game that focuses a lot more on the psychological elements and it does them very well. Playing it will definitely bring in a very rewarding story!

The Evil Within

The Evil Within comes with gore galore and lots of blood. If you like over the top, scary horror elements then this is obviously what you should focus on playing this autumn. The game also has a good set of DLCs which you will enjoy as well.

FEAR series

FEAR 1 and 2 are very good, 3 is suitable for cooperative gameplay so all of these do offer a great set of ideas and nice gameplay options. Overall, it’s a really intense series and a lot of cool moments!

Left 4 Dead series

Left 4 Dead is a very good cooperative game and one that’s actually a blast to play. It’s very active after so many years and it does a very good job in offering intense gameplay options.

Resident Evil series

All of these games are great and while the quality did decline with the last few entries, you are still set to have a ton of fun. People that love psychological horror will surely enjoy this title.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is great for jumpscares and it’s even better at making you uncomfortable as you explore the asylums and other regions of the game. It really is an intense game with plenty of story twists that will keep you hooked to the chair!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

This might not be a horror game at first, but it does offer plenty of scary moments. It’s also a good game for those that like survival as it will not hold your hand.

Yes, there are tons of good horror games that you can check out. You can check the ones above, or you can give Bioshock, Amnesia or even Outlast a try as well. There are lots of great titles to check out, just give them a try!

(Probably) Most anticipated games for 2017


2016 is almost over but we have many new games to look up to in 2017. With that in mind, here are some of the coolest games you can check out in 2017.


The new game from Piranha Bytes manages to seamlessly combine medieval with futuristic times. This time you can even have a jetpack and pulse based or even laser weapons which is really neat!

For Honor

If you like to battle enemies in medieval times this game is for you. Ubisoft has a lot going on with this new game and you are bound to like its uniqueness, great gameplay and strategy!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This new Zelda game is set to bring in some new unique mechanics and the fact that a new Zelda game just comes out once every few years, you are bound to like everything that the game has to offer! Plus, it will be playable on the new NX console which is nice.

God of War

God of War is indeed coming back, but this time there are new mechanics and plenty of new additions as well. It really is one of the major games for 2017, hopefully it will be able to live up to the hype.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The addition of VR and plenty of new mechanics such as new environments are bound to bring in some cool gaming moments for you. It’s one of the best horror games for next year so if you like the genre you should be pumped!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

It has been a while without a Mass Effect game and even if we have new heroes this new entry is set to be one of the best ones yet. New planets, new options and new heroes are definitely going to expand the universe even more.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The combination of biological and mechanical creatures makes Horizon Zero Dawn one of the most innovative games. Despite being a PS4 exclusive, it does seem to offer quite a lot of value!

Days Gone

Since you can never have too many zombie games, Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive that will bring you some really good gaming moments. No release date yet but you will indeed have a lot of fun with this one just because it’s really exciting and filled with great physics.

Injustice 2

Injustice was a hit game when it came out a few years ago so you are definitely going to enjoy this new entry. New powers and new heroes are coming into the mix so you should be excited about that.

Sea of Thieves

Pirate based adventures are always fun and nothing can be more immersive than being able to explore the seas and enjoy some good battles. It really is an exciting and refined game with a lot to offer!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands makes the Ghost Recon experience open world all while maintaining the team based military gameplay. It’s a great new addition to the series for sure.

There are tons of great games on the horizon and hopefully they will be able to make our 2017 gaming days amazing. One thing is certain, all of these titles had impressive presentations and you should consider checking them out!

Most Probably The Best First Person Shooters on PC

First Person Shooters are by far some of the most popular gaming genre. The reason is simple, they are easy to pick up, you can quit at any time and they don’t require that much strategic thinking. They are accessible and just a whole lot of fun. But you do have to wonder, what FPS games are the best on PC and which ones you should play right now?

Doom (2016)

The new iteration of Doom is exactly what people expected! It features a lot of gore, demon punching action and plenty of weapons including the BFG. The gameplay is intense and many times hardcore, not to mention that you can even reach hell. Doom also has a multiplayer mode which helps expand the experience quite a bit.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is amazing for people that have low end computers and want to play a competitive FPS. It’s a lot of fun and while you can encounter hackers at times, the game is filled with maps, challenges and new operations that keep the experience fresh.


Despite the fact that it’s multiplayer only, Overwatch has managed to acquire millions of fans very fast. The blend of MOBA and FPS works great here and the game does a very good job at offering 20+ distinct characters and a very good competitive mode.

Battlefield (any of them)

There are more than 10 games in the Battlefield series and DICE continues to create even more, with Battlefield 1 being the latest iteration. Battlefield 4 or any other game in the series tries to mimic all out warfare and it does add a massive touch of realism. The time periods are diverse but the game always tries to be accurate in everything it delivers. The fact that you can have 64-player fights on large maps does make the game intense and unique which is why you should consider checking it out!

Left 4 Dead 2

The cooperative zombie shooter is a lot of fun mainly thanks to the multiplayer component. The title does have tons of maps, challenges and unique weapons that make shooting zombies satisfying and a huge blast. Overall, it’s a really diverse and fun game that you should check out right away!

Call of Duty

Even if some of the latest iterations in the series might not be well received by the users due to the way this series was annualized, COD is still an iconic series. It’s filled with unique challenges, it’s rewarding and it helps provide a very good value for FPS players.

Far Cry Primal

The open world aspect combined with a unique prehistorical setting makes Far Cry Primal an amazing game. Plus, you have the ability to train animals and acquire new skills in a world that is very intense and set on the idea to put you down!

All these FPS games are great and you should consider checking them out. One thing is certain, even if playing an FPS requires dexterity and accuracy, you still get to relax and have fun as you play. Give the aforementioned games a try as you are bound to like their unique gameplay, great shooting and fun gameplay!